"A Sure Fire Method That Takes Advantage
Of The Bookies Competing For Business.
They Left Door's Jammed Open And I've
Mastered What Can Only Be Described As
A Guaranteed Loophole That They Cannot Fix!"

It takes Bookies Money, and VERY LOW RISK!!


"Before You Read The Rest Of This Page Check Out The 6 Minute Overview Video Below"


From the Creator Of "The Golden Key Method"

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Risk little.. to Profit Continually!

You Place Your Bets Before Racing Starts!

And You Win.

And Now You can Get the EDGE! And Only when you Get The Edge Do You Bet.

Now Only.... £99.97

Is it HARD?

No.. and there is No Room For You to Make A Mistake! It is That SIMPLE.


'No, it is not necessary. However having one can help improve the long term profitability of the system'.

Do I Need A Bookies Account?

YES you Do, All UK Based, so if you can open UK Bookies accounts then you can Use this Strategy.


NO, but, you could get AWAY with a FEW HUNDRED.


This is a purely Mathematical Approach to
Betting, No Form to sort out..

You get a video tutorial showing how to use the system .

Very quick to see the playable races, works on all racing in the UK!

Flat, AWT and National Hunt.

This is a SMART Approach, and you get the EDGE.

Look At The Results.

And only risking an average of £1.20 per race. 

Why have the results improved?

We have added new variants to improve results.

Look At What Others are Saying...

Here are some statistics.


Strike Rate = 35%

Average Risk Per Race = £1.20

Average Loss = £1.85

Average Win = £10.43

Return on Risk = 570%

This has been tested on Over 2100 Bets!

Now Only... £99.97

Here is The Latest Recorded Results. 

We are currently compiling May 2012 - November 2012 but they are all in profit!

For Historic Monthly Results Back To December 2009

Now Only... £99.97

If you can only bet Weekends then here is
the Weekend Only Summary.

What did the Very First Buyer Say....

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the video. As always : a picture is better than a thousand words:

Many punters have been looking for the Holy Grail, and I think this is the closest thing to it that I have seen in a long long time.

Looking forward to tonights UK races.

Very impressed with strategy.


Garry W

Hi Steve,

I have been involved in racing for forty years & during that time i have purchased so many systems over the years, probably  hundreds!.

Not until I saw this one All By The Book, have I seen an opportunity to invest in the horses, and know I will win & if i do loose its only peanuts!! overall it wins most times.

It is simplicity itself to use.

This is by far the cleverest way to stack the odds in my favour, and to think it’s the bookies and not Betfair that make it possible.
Great value for money.

Thanks for this brilliant piece of gear.

Devon, UK

14th April

Just a brief note to say thanks for the all in the book system - ingenious !!

I never thought that any testimonial was EVER genuine, but here I am sending one myself.

Thanks again



What if I told you that Betting Can Be
A Steady, Profitable Business?

One that you can run from your very own home?!

Now Learn Techniques That Can Turn YOU,the Average Betting Hobbyist, into A Betting Investor!

Are you always worried about money, or the lack of it?

Are you always losing when betting on the horses?

Are you only able to build a small betting bank? 

Do you find yourself unable to put what little money you have to good use? 

Do you need a simple and effective plan to help you win?

This is All done in a few minutes, before racing starts.


You get an instructional Video showing the System. It takes you through 6 races on a race day, so you know how to use the method.

Video can be viewed after obtaining the System

More Thanks

: Webmaster 


Just thought I would let you know how I am doing with this purchase

based on your recommend. Early days but the following achieved on the first 4 days.

DAY 1 = £42:16 profit
DAY 2 = £35:54 profit
DAY 3 = £27:80 profit
DAY 4 = £35:97 profit

Maximum race risk and loss over the 4 days was £5.15

I would comment that it is not as easy as stated to achieve the time scale. The time involved in getting everything done to play races (7 is the most I had to sort in 1 day) cannot be done in under 30 minutes in my experience. I have spent well over an hour each day. However, if this continues to average the daily amount of profit shown above it is a worthwhile extremely low risk method returning far better than bank
interest rates on capital tied up in bookie accounts to operate it.


The REAL Secret

You may have seen, read or at least heard of, "The Secret." Well here is the real secret, in a nutshell:

Take 100 footballers, or tennis players, or even 100 people fpom any club. In fact, take any 100 people randomly. What you will discover in any group is the same thing:
  • 5% will be stars (very good)

  • 15% will be pretty good

  • 80% will be also-rans, those just battling to make the grade

...I think you get the picture!

What makes the 5% so good, it is not education. The world is full of educated derelicts. Nor is it money, or class status or anything that easily specific.

What makes them winners and separates them from all the rest is CHOICE and BEHAVIOUR! That is the real SECRET!

Not Magic. Anyone can do it... it's just that most people (95%) don't!

Here is a great example!

We have sold many systems. But, guess WHAT?! Most read it and say, "oh, well, too hard... won't suit me." Or, "I work, so I can't do it."

And where is their copy now? Yep, still sitting on their hard drive, if they even opened it at all!

That is the "95%'ers" approach!!

They had the same choice you have now, and they accepted their behavior, which was to do NOTHING! -- just like all the other SYSTEMS they purchased before (and will probably purchase afterward)! Because buying the system isn't the end... it's only the beginning!

But, they did not have to choose that course. (And neither do you!)

Now, what the 5%'ers DID was choose another course.

They bought the very same system, READ it, even several times if necessary (some even printed it up, to study it as they took the bus to work), until they completely understood every portion of the system. And, if they didn't understand something, they asked questions, until everything was clear. In short, they did whatever it took< to master the system!

But, at this point, their choices are little different from the choices of the 15%'ers.

NOW, for the difference!!

What did the 5%'ers DO DIFFERENTLY than all the rest?


Than all the rest!!

And they did not quit as soon as they had a loss. They did not wane from the instructions!

AND, YES they are still, to this DAY, MAKING MONEY!!

You see the difference? All of them bought the system. They made the same choice. But 95% never bothered to follow it. Or, if they did, they did not stick to it. Do you SEE how their BEHAVIOUR was THE DIFFERENCE?!?!

The bottom line is: Those that are following it are making


Now Only... £99.97

Are you  keen to Make Racing PAY YOU?

We Can Get The Horse In the WATER!

That's the Easy Part!!

Getting Them To Drink, is a WHOLE Different STORY.

If you buy this Strategy and DON'T USE IT.. then YOU WON'T MAKE MONEY!!

Let's Summarize The Strategy of

Betting Done Before Racing Starts. Around Noon UK time.

Whole Strategy is Very Quick to Do Each Day . 20 minutes most days.

Very Low Risk Per Race Average is £1.20 on Our Reccommended Bet.

NO LOSS Chasing, All Races Are Level Staking.

You Need UK Bookie Accounts, We Give You the Bookies To Use.

We Have A Resources Page So That All You Need Is A Your Finger Tips.

Can All be Done Online.

No Form, Trainer, Track, Etc Information Needed.

No Extra, Software, Newspapers, Subscriptions Are Required.

Works On UK Horse Racing Only. Flats, AWT, and National Hunts.

The Strategy Is A exe File, That Is Available Immedaitely After Payment. To Download.

Plus a 32 minute video showing you the system in use.


NOW OUT.. Updated, Improved

Jump on the ORDER BUTTON,

While The Product is still Available

WAIT.. This is an EXE file, will NOT work on Apple products.

You need a PC with Windows operating system.





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If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?

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